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Controls Select tonic/scale/chord; Add in  octave.  International   TonicLa Si Do Mi Fa Sol
Chords: Played as
Editor Name   Pre-Set  
The Rodec© notation layout above is: undefined
½ Tone
Club |
C'tina  Anglo
Edit |  | 
Scratch Pad
¤ Scratch pad should be filled using buttons above, or [add] in the control area. It can receive layout
as text or images. Images will be reduced to half size. Browsers very sensibly protect your system's
clipboard from scripting - so when you are ready you need to manually select [left-click..drag]
and copy [Ctrl:C] or right click option its content onto your system clipboard. It can then be pasted
[Ctrl:V] into any suitable word processor using standard Windows/Unix methods. NB Monospaced fonts
such as "Lucida Console" or "Courier" work best and in MSword you should keep the source formatting ¤
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