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This site has several areas. Where any personal information has been revealed it has in all cases followed permission from that person (or heirs if recently deceased). Some "in memoriam" pages contain information already in the Public Domain.

Bridge: Any emails of bridge systems or conventions sent to me as an archivist may be processed and added to the archive. It is my policy to attribute the source of such information. I consider this polite, unless asked not to do so. I normally then send an email giving a reference URL to the information. Should a contributor query anything I will try to correct the error sympathetically and promptly.

Bridge documents and other areas of the site are exposed to Internet Search engines.

Medical documents: Any information on this site will be anonymised, and fully compliant with standard NHS "Caldicott" guidelines. Under no cirumstances will information linkable to an individual person be displayed. Any information relating to individual NHS hospitals or trusts will similarly only be displayed in anonymous form. In the case of my radiology audit archive project the incoming email is not kept.

With the exception of my own personal professional details, medical documents are not exposed to Internet search engines.


The chrisryall.net site does not presently use cookies.


If you feel your privacy has been compromised please contact myself Chris Ryall in the first instance, using the email links provided.

I may also be contacted at 8 Chetwynd Rd, Birkenhead, CH43 2JJ, UK

Any medical probity issues may be pursued in the same way. Initially please, directly with myself where possible.

If appropriate you may contact my employer: Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen NHS Trust, Liverpool, UK.

The final arbiter in any professional matter would be the British General Medical Council. My registration number is 2633365

email:gmc@gmc-uk.org - General Medical Council, Regents Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN, UK.

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