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Link-to HTML code for the Weak Two archive

Thank you for looking at this page. To make a picture link to the archive from your own bridge site you need to {select/copy} and then paste in some HTML code from below. The icon is transparent and so best against a pale background.

If you just want to link to a single Weak Two style in say a bridge article of your own, then use just the inline reference quoted after that style's note.

There is some further useful kit at the page bottom.

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<!-- Cut and paste inline hypertext link to Weak Two archive -->
<a href="">
<img src=""
border="0" width="76" height="40" hspace="3" vspace="0" alt="Weak Two"></a>
try Chris Ryall's <a href="">
Weak Two Archive</a>

Which looks like ...

Weak Two try Chris Ryall's Weak Two Archive

Or if you prefer your links chunky ...
<!-- Cut and paste <tabled> hypertext link to Weak Two archive -->
<table summary="Weak 2 link"><tr><td width="100" align="center" valign="middle">
<a href="">
<img src=""
border="0" width="76" height="40" hspace="0" vspace="0" alt="Weak Two"></a></td>
<td align="left" valign="middle">&nbsp;&nbsp;the
<a href="">Weak Two Archive</a>
has<br>'57 different varieties' from across the World </td> </tr>

The above will appear on Web browsers as ...

Weak Two   the Weak Two Archive has
'57 different varieties' from across the World

Or if you prefer to have the icon (2kB) on your own server ..
{right click and save}, and reference the <img> tag with
<img src="http://www.Your-Domain-And-Path/w2icon.gif" border="0" width="76" height="40" alt="Weak Two">

The "Web" is all about links! Obviously you may want to make your own comment on the usefulness or otherwise of the site, but I'd appreciate an email if you set up a link - so I can thank you. :))

Further useful kit for bridge sites

Most people use WYSIWYG programs to make web pages nowadays. The free composer bundled in Netscape is quite straightforward (although their browser annoyingly misses a few W3W specifications).

I cannot recommend MSWord. It produces the quite horrible HTML code and files generally five+ times larger than needed!

The right click / Save Picture As  right click / Save Picture As  right click / Save Picture As  right click / Save Picture As suit icons used on this site are public domain, courtesy of Rod Roark. You can save them to your own computer or web site by pointing and right clicking. Simply put copies of all 4 icons in each folder/directory, and reference them using the HTML <img> tag

<img alt="D" src="d.gif"/> = which browses as = 2D (or 2D with images turned off)
<img alt="S" src="s.gif"/> = which browses as = 2S (or 2S with images turned off)
HTNL tidy utility

HTML tidy is a useful free DOS or Unix facility which will check and validate your pages, even upgrading them to XHTML or XML standard (you lose layout in the process). Tidy also warns you about certain tabs that may confuse browsers, and it can even strip out that awful proprietary XML bumph that MSword inserts. Very useful!

You can also validate your pages on the Web using the W3W link (in page footer).
Xenu icon

I've had trouble keeping my links up to date and even wrote my own checker in visual basic! However Tilman Hausherr's Xenu utility is small, blisteringly fast and FREE! It will also make you a site map and sort out your "orphan" files if you allow it FTP access!

CSS icon

Bridge pages require a fair amount of layout, but you can easily debug any problems by temporarily pasting the following CSS line into your document <head> block

<style> td, p, li, div, span {border: 1px dotted red;} </style>

Save/Refresh - The underlying block structure of your page will be revealed!

.. and do look at Richard Pavlicek's excellent advice on style

Paradox limk to code Similar paste in HTML code linking to ParadoX advances

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